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David Bull - Woodblock Printmaker

Surimono Albums Download Page

A page of links for downloading (free) printable copies of my Surimono Albums.

People who know woodblock prints know that a mechanical reproduction just isn't the same; the basic image may be visible, but none of the other things that make original prints so beautiful are apparent - the paper texture, the soft colour tones, the incised lines ... There is a world of difference between the real thing and an imitation.

Those who are subscribing to my print series are doing so because they know and understand this difference (and because they wish to support my activities). But I recognize that many other people love these images yet are not able to become subscribers.

This page is for those of you who like my prints, but who are unable to afford the real thing. It has always been possible for such people to take the images from my website and print them out for viewing. By having a website in the first place, I have basically 'given away' these images of my work, so there doesn't seem to be any reason why I shouldn't make it a bit easier. I hope you find this useful ...

Subscribers of my 'real' Surimono Albums receive each month a print mounted together in a paper folder with an accompanying story. Those folders slip into a cloth-covered album, where they are held in place with tied cords.

I can't arrange for downloads of the case and cords (!), but I can provide the 'raw materials' for you to make an album of your own. These images of the prints are in .jpg format (150 dpi resolution), and after downloading onto your computer, should be opened in a suitable graphics program (Photoshop, ColorIt!, Graphic Converter, etc.) and then printed out (they will fit on standard 'letter' size paper). Printing them on a fine-quality paper will of course give better results.

The set of stories for each album is prepared in a single .pdf file; after downloading this you can easily print it out from your printer (these pages are also laid out for the letter-size paper).

Once you have the collection of print-outs on hand, it is perhaps easiest to store them in a 'clear file', or you could punch them and put them in any kind of binder for storage.

Download instructions:

After agreeing to the terms by clicking the button below, the links will come into view. 'Right-click' (Win), or 'Control-click' (Mac) on any one (the text links, not the small images). The popup menu should give you an option to 'Download link to disk'. Alternatively, you can simply click on the links to view the images in your browser window, and then save them from there.

Please understand that I am providing these stories and images for personal use only; it would be rather impolite of you to use any of this material for commercial gain. I must also explicitly mention that the copyright for the ninth image in Set #4 remains with the designer, Mr. John Amoss; please respect his property, and contact him directly if you have any questions about use of his image in any way.

The ninth image in Set #3 remains unavailable for download due to copyright restrictions.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License, which clearly spells out what you can/can't do with the images.

Creative Commons License