David Bull's Surimono Albums
What are Surimono?

It started about 250 years ago ...

The Beauty of prints

How to look at surimono ...

How prints are made

A 'Photo-Essay' on the process ...

View completed albums

View completed albums ...

How this work is supported

How this work is supported ...


Update: Album #1~3 are long ago sold out; #4~#5 are still available for purchase/subscription (from our Mokuhankan venture).

An (old!) QuickTime movie of David explaining the genesis of these Surimono Albums.
(3 1/2 minutes ... 3.9Mb)
View in LightWindow | Direct link to video

Do you like these prints, but regret not being able
to afford them (even as cheap as they are)?
Steal some! I make it easy for you on my download page.