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Fuji from Tago Bay

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Printing impressions (23):
  1. Blank block to flatten paper surface
  2. Key Block - blue-black
  3. Water undertone
  4. Shadow on mountain (gradation)
  5. Mountain reflection in water (gradation)
  6. Main gradation on mountain
  7. Water in immediate foreground
  8. Smaller shadows on mountain, and clouds
  9. Gradation on foreground water
  10. Yellow-brown on mountain and boat
  11. Grey on distant land
  12. Slightly darker grey on mid-distance land
  13. Darker grey on land
  14. Reflections of land in water
  15. Rose in sky (gradation)
  16. Base light blue sky tone (gradation)
  17. Deeper blue in sky (gradation)
  18. Repeat deep sky blue (gradation)
  19. Brownish tone on tree trunks
  20. Blue-black tone on tree trunks
  21. Flat grey tone on tree trunks
  22. Blue-black for 'leaf' clusters
  23. Seal