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Note: The snow cap on Mt. Fuji in this print, which looks dark in colour on this computer reproduction, is actually a metallic silver colour. It is printed using an old type of powdered metal known as 'suzu no fun'. Suzu is the Japanese word for a small type of bell, usually made of a silvery coloured metal, and my best guess is that this is probably the material we know as 'nickel silver', or at least something similar.)

'Spring Fuji'


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Printing impressions (10):

  1. Sky
    - faint rose (gradation)
  2. 'Outline' block (poem, outline of mountain, signature)
    - sumi
  3. Snow area (undercoat)
    - light grey
  4. River of clouds (undercoat)
    - deep green (invisible in finished print)
  5. Base tone for mountain (gradation)
    - light blue
  6. Forest
    - sumi
  7. Gradation at bottom of mountain
    - Ai/sumi mix
  8. Snow area
    - 'suzu no fun' (nickel silver powder)
  9. River of clouds
    - bronze powder
  10. Embossing in river of clouds
    - 'karazuri'