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'Two Women Sewing'


Printing impressions (15):

  1. Blank 'beta' block
    - lightly tinted paste only, over the entire surface of the print. Also serves to 'kill' the paper to ensure accurate registration on the 'double' key block printing.
  2. Key block
    - first impression, in light ao-zumi, entire block
  3. Key block
    - second impression, in normal sumi, horizontal band only (gradation)
  4. Background
    - pale neutral tone
  5. Kimono base colour (older woman)
    - pale orange/vermillion
  6. Kimono base colour (younger woman)
    - pale red/vermillion
  7. Skin tone (older woman only)
    - faint red
  8. Water
    - faint indigo gradation
  9. Kimono gradation (older woman)
    - orange/vermillion
  10. Kimono gradation (younger woman)
    - red/vermillion
  11. Kimono pattern (younger woman)
    - green
  12. Hair under-tone (younger woman)
    - faint grey
  13. Lips
    - faint carmine
  14. Hair (younger woman)
    - sumi
  15. Artist's seal (printed)
    - vermillion