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Update: the 'Beauties of Four Seasons' set is now sold out. I will leave this original Subscription page here, for the historical record, but subscriptions are no longer available ...

For many years now, ever since the beginning of my Hyakunin Isshu series (the Hundred Poets prints), my printmaking work has been supported by subscriptions. I never sell through galleries or dealers, nor do I sell prints one-by-one. In addition to these 'heresies', my prints have never carried - and will never carry - edition numbers.

Why do I do things this way? It is a bit of a long story, and some time ago, over in the 'Surimono Albums' section of the website, I prepared a couple of 'conversations' that tried to explain my thoughts.

If you would like to own the 'Beauties of Four Seasons' prints, I would be happy to send them to you - either as the complete set of four at one time, or one-by-one over four months. You will receive four prints and their accompanying 'essays', the storage case for the set, and four issues of my quarterly newsletter.

Subscriptions work just the same way as my Surimono Albums:

  • You let me know you wish to subscribe. There is no paperwork necessary - all I need is the address to which you wish me to send the prints.
  • I send the first print to you along with the case and cover. Each print is held in an acid-free folder that also carries a small essay related to the print (in Japanese and English). These folders simply slide inside the case.

  • Together with the print I enclose a Post Office remittance form (for subscribers in Japan), or an empty pre-addressed envelope with which you can send me a cheque (for overseas subscribers). I also take Paypal if you wish.
  • About two months later, I will send the next print, already packaged in its folder. Another remittance form will be included, with which you make payment for this print.
  • The set becomes complete with the arrival of the fourth and final print, at which point your subscription is 'finished'


The price for the 'Beauties' prints is 13,500 yen each. This is just about double the price of my Surimono Album prints; these are larger and considerably more time consuming and expensive to produce. If it is any 'consolation' to subscribers who are following on from my Surimono Albums, these prints will be sent out at approximately two-month intervals, and with only four in the set, the total cost will be less than for one of the Surimono Albums ...

I must also charge for overseas shipping (by Air Express), so the actual subscription price varies depending on where you live. Collectors in Japan must also pay Consumption Tax (collectors overseas are exempt). These are the prices with shipping added:

Domestic (Japan): 13,500 yen + 625 (tax) + 900 (shipping) = 15,025 per print
Overseas: 13,500 yen + 1,200 (shipping) = 14,700 per print


Subscribers here in Japan (where I live) usually find it most convenient to make payment through the postal system, and for them I include a postal remittance slip with each print, with which they make payment after receiving each shipment.

Overseas subscribers may make remittance in whichever currency is most convenient; if paying in yen the amount will remain the same every month, if paying in dollars or euros, your cost will fluctuate slightly as the rates change each month ... One of the following methods will hopefully be convenient for you:

  • Credit card
  • I have a US$ account in a North American bank, into which deposits may be made by:
    • mailing your personal cheque (I enclose an empty pre-addressed envelope for this)
    • using internet banking if you have such ability.
  • If you are a Paypal user, you can send payment that way. This is particularly convenient, because Paypal now allows you to make payments in either dollars or yen, as you choose.
  • Remittance may be made by International Postal Money order sent by snailmail:
    David Bull
    Seseragi Studio
    Nagabuchi 8-4-5
    Ome City Tokyo
    198-0052 JAPAN

More Information / Place Order

If you would like more information, or wish to start a subscription, please use the appropriate section of my Order Form.

Update: the 'Beauties of Four Seasons' set is now sold out. I will leave this original Subscription page here, for the historical record, but subscriptions are no longer available ...